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How do solar thermal systems differ from Photovoltaic systems?
Even though the sun is their common source of energy, in the first case the sun's radiation is converted into heat and in the second into electrical energy. Installing a solar thermal system on a residence is crucial since it covers immediately the daily needs for hot sanitary water with an obvious economic and environmental benefit. Finally, the initial investment for a solar water heater is negligible compared to the investment required for a PV system.

How do solar thermal systems contribute in environmental protection?
Every high performance collector square meter (as MALTEZOS collectors NCS, SAC and BAC) prevents the productions of 12,5 of CO2 on an annual basis. As such, during the useful life of a MALTEZOS solar water heater the quantity of CO2 prevented is equivalent with the quantity absorbed by 1 acre of trees.

Which are the benefits from purchasing a solar water heater?
Taking into consideration the sun radiation in Greece, the average payback period of a solar water heater is 4 to 6 years. As the useful life of a MALTEZOS solar water heater is above 20 years, the initial investment cost is returned 3 to 4 times during the above period.

Do solar water heaters work only during the summer?
MALTEZOS solar water heaters are designed to produce hot sanitary water all year round provided the availability of 3 to 4 hours of sunshine between 10:00 am and 14:00 pm per day.

Can solar thermal systems cover my needs for space heating?
Yes. Besides hot sanitary water, solar thermal systems can cover a substantial part (40%) of your space heating needs. Provided that there is enough roof space for the installation of 8 to 12 collectors solar space heating can be easily be combined with floor heating systems, fan coils, heat pumps etc.

Are MALTEZOS solar systems certified?
MALTEZOS collectors and solar water heaters have been tested according to European standards EN 12975 & EN 12976 and are certified according to SOLARKEYMARK. Furthermore, MALTEZOS stainless steel solar water heaters have been classified with annual energy certification "A" by ELOT.

What happens when I do not use all the hot water (when I am away in vacation)?
During the summer, if you are not using all of the hot water,cover part or all collector area starting from the lower collector part. In the event you are absent during the summer and not using your solar water heater (vacations etc), FULLY COVER THE COLLECTORS. This way, you will avoid refilling the system with thermal liquid after the summer period is over and you will increase the lifespan of your system (avoiding unnecessary load caused by high water temperatures).

What shall I do in case of freezing temperatures?
In the case of freezing temperatures (where the network piping can freeze), do not use the electrical element until you are sure that pipes have defrosted and the flow of water towards the solar water heater is restored.



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