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Invest in quality and reliability




The existing difficult economic conditions demand solutions that are particularly efficient and safe for the customer.

MALTEZOS SA with its long experience and reliability assures high performance and durability of solar water heaters for many years. The high-level technology combined with strict quality standards and the number of satisfied customers, constitute the most complete guarantee that MALTEZOS can offer to a potential client for choosing its products.


glass boiler

  1. Made of Steel DIN 1203 –St 37-2 2.5mm enameled as per DIN 4753 Teil 3 enamel.
  2. Heat exchanger made of special steel with high vectoring capability.
  3. Insulation of the boiler via eco polyurethane of d>40kg/m3 density
  4. External casing made of antimagnetic stainless steel AISI 304.
  5. Ventilation nozzle with cap
  6. Electrical resistance with safety thermostat
  7. Magnesium anode for anticorrosive protection
  8. Hot water outlet
  9. Cold water outlet
  10. Cold water inlet
  11. Enameled coil for connection to central heating water.
  12. Expansion vessel, hot galvanized
  13. Safety closed loop valve



glass panel

  1. Frame from anodized aluminum
  2. Safety glass
  3. Selective surface from selective aluminum foils
  4. 100% copper piping
  5. Glass wool and rock wool insulation


TYPE MALT GL 125 L  MALT GL 160 L  MALT GL 160 L ' MALT GL 200 L 
Boiler (lt) 125 160 160 200
Number of collectors 1 2' 2
Absorbing surface selective aluminum
selective aluminum selective aluminum selective aluminum
Dimensions (hxwxd) 170X100X170 170X130X170 176X280X170 176X280X170
Weight kg 105 123,5 132 157


Quality and esthetic solutions for every household

In addition to the quality performance of a solar water heater, each house has its own peculiarities and therefore the need for an esthetic approach to its architecture. MALTEZOS SA boasts a big variety of solar water heaters that can meet your demands with the most esthetically correct solution.

Residences, hotels, Industrial and Trading companies trust to invest with MALTEZOS for their hot water supply.

Solar water heaters MALTEZOS GLASS are available in 125, 160 and 200 lt capacity. All have electrical resistances for extra water heating and can be fitted with internal water piping in the form of coil for connection with the central heating (triple energy).


MALTEZOS glass 1




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