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The stainless steel advantage

Stainless steel solar water heaters MALTEZOS



MALTEZOS Stainless steel solar water heaters are manufactured in accordance with the required specifications in order to ensure high efficiency and long service life. MALTEZOS SA guarantees that each solar water heater has successfully passed a series of strict quality control measures.


The Stainless steel advantage

  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Excellent high and low temperature resistance during heating and cooling
  • Pure and clean sanitary water
  • Substantially lighter weight than enameled tanks

ΜΑΛΤΕΖΟΣ Ανοξείδωτοι Ηλεκτρικοί Θερμοσίφωνες

MALTEZOS solar water heaters can be installed in flat or inclinated roofs and are available with an optional serpentine for connection to the central heating system.

Storage tank specifications

Τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά θερμοδοχείου Μπόϊλερ

1. Internal tank made of Stainless steel (316L HiMo).
2. Double jacket made of Stainless steel (316L HiMo).
3. Tank insulation (Polyurethane 70mm, 35-40Kg/m3).
4. External tank case made of Stainless steel ( 304ΒΑ).
5. Safety valve.
6. Electrical element with thermostat.
7. Anode protection
8. Hot water outlet
9. Closed loop circuit pipe
10. Cold water inlet
11. Serpentine made of stainless steel for optional connection to the central heating system.

MALTEZOS SA solar water heaters have been tested according to standard ΕΝ 12976 and are certified according to SOLAR KEYMARK from international institution ICIM and are classified with annual energy certification Α (4 ήλιοι) by ΕLΟΤ.


NCS collector specifications

solar water pic2

1. Specially designed case from anodized aluminum.
2. Special transparent tempered glass.
3. Selective copper fins ultrasonically welded with copper pipes.
4. Copper pipes
5. Rockwool insulation

MALTEZOS SA Stainless steel solar water heaters MALTEZOS


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